Country fever is hitting Gowran!!


Posters of Mike Denver, Declan Nurney blaring from car radios, men googling(drooling over) Cliona Hagan; if their wives catch them – they’re “gonna die someday!!” Country fever is hitting Gowran!!

The U12s mounted their horses and went in opposite directions last Monday evening. The Red cowboys rode into the Boro to battle the maroon clad Indians! General Tom Custer’s men couldn’t withstand the tomahawks and spears of the Boro and retreated on a scoreline of 5:12 to 4:4.
Meanwhile Chief Sitting Bull Pat’s men rolled into Danesfort all guns blazing. The Battle of Little Bighorn was as fierce as it was fast. At final whistle the White Cowboys had to wave the white flag and surrender having scored 4:5 to Danesfort’s 7:6.

The Three Amigos were back in the saddle Saturday morning as they led the Red Cowboys into Dunnamaggin. This was a battle of two halves. Dunnamaggin dominated the first half and led 3:1 to 0:3 at half time. However, the cowboys showed “True Grit” and rallied back in the second half to win; 3:8 to 4:1. The Whites are out on Tuesday evening in Castle Ellis.

On Wednesday evening the U8 camogie Bandidas continued the Great Sioux War as they also took on Danesfort. Two teams took on the home side and great battles were fought. The Young Ireland side were aided by forces from St Vincent’s and support on the side-line was commendable. The girls duelled hard and came away in “Blazing Saddles “.

The cowgirls are in action again on Thursday against Thomastown.

The U10s trained by “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” were left defending Castle Ellis Ranch against the Paulstown Possy on Thursday evening. Twas the “Wild Wild West” as the Young Ireland jackaroos defended and defeated the Barrow Rangers!

At “High Noon” on Saturday the Red and White U6 and U8 stagecoaches arrived into Inistioge. The U6s put up an exhibition and were superb in their tackling and shooting.

Young Irelands under 8 boys played two exciting matches against Rower-Inistioge on Saturday 29th July in Inistioge, with the boys in red and white coming out victorious. From the first whistle until the last, both under 8 teams demonstrated just about every skill possible – hooks, blocks, tackles, sideline cuts, frees and some excellent score taking. There was a great attitude from both teams, with every player giving it their best. The under 8 boys can be proud of their performances and thrilled that they came out on top in such tough games. Well done to everyone involved.

“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from Yesterday “
John Wayne



Young Irelands meeting & Round Up

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